The Work We Do

Ironwood Restoration provides information, insight, or basic troubleshooting for many problems particular to older structures.  Consultation can be as simple as a site visit and discussion, or further input can be provided in a written report, which might also include other published information and/or resource material.

Anything from squeaky doors to sinking floors!  Ironwood Restoration will do a general analysis of perceived problem areas, inside or out.  If desired, a written report can be compiled that includes detailed insight regarding the particular problem areas.  The development of a maintenance program is an extremely useful measure used for identifying these problem areas and for providing a prioritized approach to their repair and maintenance.

The chief goal of Ironwood Restoration is to keep buildings of old around for many more years.  This includes making small repairs, which can potentially avert major repairs in the future.  These are performed with an eye for aesthetics as well as for preventative measures.

Building restoration involves an integration of restoration, preservation, and rehabilitation of old buildings for use in the modern world.  Be it preserving historic fabric, restoring a room, building to a certain period, or rehabilitating a structure for new use, Ironwood Restoration keeps an eye on building integrity and aesthetics. 


As the name applies, this type of restoration deals with damaged or failing structures.  After a general overview of the problem areas, Ironwood Restoration typically suggests repair priorities.  If the project at hand is large or complex (as is common with barns), a proposal to break the project down into phases may be suggested; this allows the work to be spread out over a specific period of time. 

This includes restoration, rebuilding, and repair of existing stairways.  New stairways can be replicated from an original design, or they can be built to incorporate a particular design need.

Ironwood Restoration precisely matches existing trim profiles; production can range from two feet to a thousand feet or more. Ornate casings, cornices, and other traditional millwork can also be produced and/or applied.

Clapboards or other board siding are matched as closely as possible to the original, according to size, cut, and species, and with an eye toward the overall integrity of the building shell.  Exterior casings, cornices, and other ornamental detail are precisely matched to existing profiles.

This is renovation carried out with an eye towards the original design and integrity of the building, where old design ideas are integrated with modern-day living.


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