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Historic Buildings

Ironwood Restoration has worked on a variety of historic buildings, including the examples below: the Horatio Colony Cabin, the Horatio Colony Museum, and the Wyman Tavern. All three of these buildings are located in Keene, New Hampshire.

Preservation is key in the work done by Ironwood Restoration. However, when preservation is not possible, replication of the original elements becomes the primary focus, while keeping in mind the aesthetics and integrity of the existing structure.


An example of how this is accomplished can be seen below in the repair of the sash on the Horatio Colony Cabin. The majority of the sash was preserved, but certain pieces needed to be replaced. The final result was a perfect replication of the original.

Cornice repair, siding, and work on the existing structures, such as the porch of the Horatio Colony Museum and the Christmas Trees Inn are other examples that illustrate the type of work rendered by Ironwood Restoration.

Horatio Colony Cabin


Horatio Colony Museum

Replacement of exterior elements: siding, windows, and cornice work.


Wyman Tavern

"In this house, then known as Wyman Tavern, on Monday, Oct. 22, 1770, was held the first meeting of the Trustees of Dartmouth College. It was also the home, for fifty-five years (1818-1873), of Rev. Z. S. Barstow, D.D., for thirty-seven years a trustee of the college. This tablet is placed here by the class of 1874." (right)

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