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Structural Projects

Ironwood Restoration has replaced timbers in a wide variety of structures. Traditional joinery is used whenever possible, for instance, when joining a new timber to an existing timber in an effort to preserve the original fabric.


Sawn or hewn Eastern white Pine or Eastern Spruce were common to older structures. Whenever possible, Ironwood Restoration endeavors to replace the original materials "in kind."


Timber replacement is common in older structures due to decay, insect damage, and other contributing factors.

The examples on this page illustrate some typical senarios of upper plate and sill replacement, utilizing traditional joinery techniques.

Aesthetically speaking, fasteners are an important aspect of any structure. If appropriate to the project, pegs can be handmade or turned. When feasible, handmade nails are saved and reused. New nails are matched as closely as possible to the original.



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