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Other Projects

Exterior Trim Elements—

As buildings age, it is not uncommon to find that exterior trim elements have deteriorated; this may be due to weather, lack of maintenance, or, in some cases, poor design. Repair of these details is critical in keeping the exterior shell weathertight and preventing further structural damage.   Throughout the restoration of the project at hand, preservation of original fabric is always a primary concern. In some situations, it is possible to blend new materials with the old. However, in other cases, it is necessary to completely replicate the original components.



Occasionally damage is caught before it becomes too severe, and relatively simple repairs can prevent further deterioration.   This example shows damage caused by an overly ambitious squirrel. Fortunately, a simple wood patch was all the repair that was necessary.


Interior Trim Elements—

Interior elements can be replicated when needed for the purpose of renovation or replacement.   These photos illustrate the replication of a nineteenth century parlor post—the original and the new.


Other Encounters—

Generally, restoration projects are rather solitary affairs. However, on occasion, it becomes necessary to work around the inhabitants of a particular structure, for example squirrels, bats, family pets, or, as pictured here, an inquistive rooster.  

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