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Ironwood Restoration, LLC

Ironwood Restoration is a small building restoration company based in Marlow, NH, and is owned by Brian J. Gallien. In a sentence, Ironwood Restoration specializes in preparing old buildings for their next century.  The company's work palate includes buildings from the late 1700s through the 1950s, with a particular interest in buildings of the 1800s.       

The reputation of Ironwood Restoration is based on quality work and customer satisfaction.  Whether evaluating a property‚Äôs existing condition or repairing or replicating decayed or damaged components, Ironwood Restoration considers matters of economy, longevity, and aesthetics.

Interior and exterior trim, moldings, and ornaments are matched precisely in profile and as closely as possible in regards to species.  All custom millwork is produced in the shop located in Marlow, NH. 

Some of the more recent work has included a replication of a 1920's octagonal bandstand with an internal anchoring system, which he designed and installed (the original toppled in a severe windstorm).  This structure also includes a unique inverted ceiling for acoustical enhancement.


While recently restoring a church steeple, both traditional and modern methods were employed.  Some structural timbers were replicated while others were repaired with structural epoxy.  The exterior trim and ornaments were removed as necessary and stripped of paint.  Components were assessed for damage and either consolidated or replicated as needed.

The central goal of Ironwood Restoration is twofold: building trust and customer satisfaction into every job; and maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of the built environment.  By blending traditional building technologies with current and future technologies, buildings of old can be kept around for another century.

Although limiting preservation work to the area from central New Hampshire and Vermont to northern Massachusetts, as one of the region's experienced restoration consultants, Ironwood Restoration provides consulting services throughout New England.

Ironwood Restoration, LLC
Marlow, NH
Phone: (603) 446-3669
Fax: (603) 446-7720


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