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Community Recognition

Over the years, Ironwood Restoration has completed projects on a variety of historic structures. Local media has chronicled some of these projects.

Some aspects of restoration work are not commonly seen by the general populace, such as the myriad timbers that are hidden above the ceiling in the Claremont gazebo.

Other projects are less complex, such as the restoration of the Horatio Colony Cabin, where students had the opportunity to get hands-on experience about historic preservation.


Restoring bell towers involves more than just replacing rotton timbers: tools and materials must be transported from the ground up to the the steeple area, and debris must be removed from enormous heights and transferred to the ground below.

Although specialty subcontractors are occasionally required for certain aspects of the job, that is the exception and not the rule. Ironwood Restoration demonstrates the knowledge and skill that provides the expertise needed to get the job done, no matter how complex, and makes the seemingly impossible possible.

Claremont Gazebo


East Alstead Church


Horatio Colony Cabin

“Restoring the Horatio Colony Cabin was a unique experience, different in the sense that I had the extraordinary opportunity to teach a future generation about preservation. I didn't skip a beat when asked to be a part of the restoration project. After all, I spent my boyhood roaming the adjacent forests of the Horatio Col0ny preserve.” —Brian J. Gallien

East Lempster Community Church


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